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Sherron has been described as the “real deal” when it comes to engagement.  She is tremendously skillful at creating and cultivating authentic interactions that generate synergy that flourish into countless opportunities.  


She uses a combination of her marcom business acumen, online and offline to create a distinctive and lasting presence that encourages and influences others to be more willing to build an integral relationship. 


Sherron hosts networking events around the world including: The BluExperience, an elite invite-only annual brunch for women that fuses global networking with a great dose of fun and Coffeehouse Takeovers, where she invites professionals to join her for a quick cup of coffee and conversation with other professions to discuss marketing, communication and better business strategy. She understands the importance of building lasting integral relationships by fashioning an environment that encourages engagement, in order to build better business relationships.

Interested in attending Sherron's hosted networking events? 

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